Canada Revoking Terrorist Passports

Canada Revoking Terrorist Passports

Revoke passports of Americans who leave to join terrorist organizations.In a move that we believe should be followed in Washington,

the [Canadian] government has begun invalidating the passports of Canadians who have left to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander revealed in an interview on Friday.

The minister told the National Post his department had also revoked the passports of several Canadians who had not yet left the country but who had intended to travel to the volatile region to enlist as foreign fighters.

He would not disclose the number of passports Citizenship and Immigration Canada had revoked over the conflict but said there were “multiple cases.” The government says about 30 Canadians are with extremist groups in Syria and 130 are active elsewhere.

The action means Canadian fighters in Syria and Iraq may effectively be stranded there. Their passports are no longer valid and therefore cannot be used to return to Canada. Nor could they be used to travel elsewhere. WordPress maintenance and support.

Read the entire story at the National Post.

Way to go, Canada! Is anyone in Washington listening?

Apparently, our government knows of a number of Americans who have left the country to join various extremists groups. So why not implement one of two solutions:

  • Follow Canada’s lead and simply revoke their passports, leaving them stranded in hell; or
  • Flag the passports and have them arrested as soon as they try to re-enter the US, charge them with treason and let them rot in jail.

There are pros and cons of each. I kind of like the idea of making them “men without a country,” so that they can’t go anywhere other than where they are now. I mean, seriously, you chose to go there, dude, so what do you have to complain about? You left this country to go join our enemies and fight against us. We don’t want you back! And we don’t want to pay the bill to house, feed and clothe you for the rest of your miserable, pathetic life, either.

On the other hand, U.S. citizens cannot be deprived of property or liberty without due process of law (at least that’s what our Constitution promises), so we would have to give these dirtbags their day in court before we could permanently revoke their passports. But I see no reason why they couldn’t be put into a “suspended” status, to stop these guys when they try to go into civilized countries. We all know it’s easy to create fake passports, so that wouldn’t necessarily keep them from traveling to other countries to carry out their attacks, but it would flag them so they would be stopped trying to enter the U.S.

We know the government uses facial recognition software, so in addition to flagging their passports and adding them to the no-fly list, upload their passport photos, and share them via Interpol so that they’re arrested anywhere they try to board an airplane with either their real American passport, or a different, fake passport.

This extremist organization represents a serious threat to America and real Americans. Our government cannot be allowed to sit on its hands and ignore the problem. Or try to distract us with global warming “climate change.”

Tell the White House, your Senators and Congressional Representatives how you feel about the issue.

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