Obama Recognizes ‘Privileges’ Secured by Constitution

In a comment that perhaps reveals more than he would like it to, Obama’s Constitution Day remarks talk about the “privileges” granted by our Constitution, instead of the RIGHTS our Founding Fathers wrote there to secure them for posterity.

This distinction, while it may not seem important to some, is crucial to understanding how the President views our Constitution. Clearly, viewing them as “privileges” would mean he sees the document as merely “advisory,” explaining why he often ignores it, instead of recognizing it as the Supreme Law of the Land, which it has always been.

As an attorney who has studied the Constitution, it scares me to think that this man has taught this view of our Constitution to hundreds, maybe thousands, of today’s lawyers. He calls himself a Constitutional Law professor, yet his ideas about the meaning of the document fly in the face of the writers’ intent.

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“The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.” –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 21, 1787

Obama Recognizes ‘Privileges’ Secured by Constitution

Constitution Day didn’t go without notice at the White House. Barack Obama issued a statement Wednesday celebrating the day by saying, ““Our Constitution reflects the values we cherish as a people and the ideals we strive for as a society. It secures the privileges we enjoy as citizens.”

Correction: The Constitution secures our rights. But for Obama to call them “privileges” is revealing of his statist purposes. He views executive power as something to be wielded to bring goodies justice to favored constituencies the oppressed. And to belittle our rights as merely privileges, he implies they can be taken away. That’s a dangerous and
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Maybe the President should read his own whitehouse.gov web site. It gets the Constitution right!

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